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Fundraiser a Great Success!

The fundraiser for our capital needs was a great success!  I thank you all for such a strong showing of support for the club!  It was overwhelming actually!  You all should be proud of your efforts and participation!  We exceeded our goal, and can now move forward on our many winter building projects.

Gaelic Thank You

In our September meeting, at the request of the board, the membership in attendance voted to remove the guest limits.  With that said there is an understanding that limits can be made during special events and of course we ask members to be respectful when bringing in guests. The first week of October I started my "Pints with the President".  I will be there the first Wednesday of the month from 5PM to 7PM.  This is to hear of club business from those that wish to bring something to my attention, as it relates to the club. 

During my October session I was only approached by one member.  This member had a question, "What do I get from being a club member?", I was baffled at that moment and did not have an answer.  The member related that they pay the same amount for food and drinks as guests, so what was their benefit.  So, this person was asking as if it was more to a financial question than any other element.  The question bothered me.  I started to think of what my answer should be.  The night before the October Membership Meeting I was really thinking of a response.  I don't know why it took me so long, but I came up with my answer and mentioned it during the meeting the next day. 

The benefit from being a club member is simply being part of a community and gaining new friends!  Friends that I would have never met if I had not joined.  Friends that are important to me in my life.  If you seek to be a  member, please do not join for cheaper meals or drinks.  Please join to be a friend to other members.

Thank you Friends! 
Mike Regan

Monthly Membership Meeting Sunday May 20

On Sunday, May 20th , we will have our Monthly Membership Meeting at 10:30. 
An Irish Breakfast will be served before and after