First Centenary Celebration - Song, Video, and Talk
Presentation by Sean Murphy May 19 1:00-2:30

On the 21st January 1919 elected members of Dail Eireann met for the first time. In December 1918, 69 Sinn Fein candidates, 26 Unionists and 6 Irish Parliamentary Party (IPP) candidates were elected to represent the people of Ireland.

First Dail

Sinn Fein campaigned on abstaining from the British Parliament in London and instead to set up an assembly in Dublin - Dail Eireann.

Only 27 of the Sinn Fein elected members were listed as present at the first meeting. 34 were listed as being "imprisoned by the foreigners", 3 as being "deported by the foreigners" and 5 were listed as "absent". The 26 Unionists and 6 members of the IPP were marked "absent". Two Sinn Fein members, Michael Collins and Harry Boland, were marked present but were in fact in England organizing the escape from prison of Eamon DeValera.

The Declaration of Independence asserted that the Dáil was the parliament of a sovereign state called the "Irish Republic". The Dáil established a cabinet called the "Aireacht", and an elected president. The first, temporary president was Cathal Brugha. He was succeeded as president, in April, by Éamon de Valera.

at Hyannis Public Library
Sunday May 19th 1:00 to 2:30