November Update

Good afternoon,

Last week we informed the membership that one of our members had tested positive for Covid 19 that had been to the club on October 23 & 24. We shut down operations for 2 days so the building could be cleaned & sanitized, and our volunteers & staff could be tested. One of our volunteers, Kathy Hegarty, tested positive on Sunday, November 1st, and Mike Cashman tested positive on November 3rd.

We contacted the board of health to inform them and ask for guidance.

Anyone having close contact with Kathy or Mike at the Club or elsewhere on or after the weekend of October 23 & 24 may want to consider self quarantining or getting a Covid test. ( Covid protocol defines close contact as living with / caring for a Covid 19 positive person or coming within 6 feet of a positive person for a period of 15 minutes or more).

The club will be open for business as usual but our Sunday membership meeting will be cancelled to control indoor gathering numbers . Please continue to be safe and maintain social distancing and mask wearing practices.

In addition, all members entering the club will be required to sign in with their name, membership number and phone number to facilitate contact tracing. We need all members cooperation to minimize risk and to be able to keep the club open. Thanks for your support.

Board of Directors