Upcoming Changes

At Sunday’s Monthly Membership Meeting, the BOD presented the following changes it felt were necessary to maintain the financial stability of the SOECC

Mortgage Refinance:
The 10-year mortgage on the club property is expiring and we will be refinancing our current mortgage combining it with the mortgage we have with the land next door to our property. While we have not yet received final numbers from our bank, we are expecting an increased interest rate which will result in an increased monthly mortgage payment. We are confident we will be getting 10-year mortgage with a 15-year amortization schedule at a reasonable interest rate but to anticipate this increase we have decided on the following measures. 

Club Revenue/Expenses
The BOD has been researching ways to increase our revenues and reduce expenses. We have three sources of revenue: Membership, Bar, and Kitchen.  The following outlines our discussions with each of these sources to increase revenue and decrease expenses to ensure we are able to meet our monthly costs of running the club.

  • Membership Dues: Dues were raised to $65 last year and the Board was reluctant to raise our membership dues at the present time.
  • Restaurant: The last several months the BOD has been working with Katie Fitzsimmons looking at increases in food prices with our vendors and have made several subtle changes to our menu to offset these increases.  Katie is now reviewing market prices for food purchases and will offer menu items such Prime Rib and scallops during special occasions or when a lower price can be negotiated. We have brought back salads and some other lower cost food items such as the burger bar, swordfish, chicken dishes and more shrimp offerings to provide a variety of food items at a very reasonable cost to our members.
  • Food/Beverage Tax: The BOD also reviewed the 7% Mass/Yarmouth food and beverage tax the club currently absorbs which costs us over $30,000/yr. and has become an exorbitant expense.  The BOD voted to not add this food/beverage tax expense to our purchase price because of the impact it would have had. As we know, we currently provide members with a $2.00 price reduction on their meals. This price reduction costs the club more than $15,000/year. After a lot of discussion, the BOD voted to eliminate the discount effective on May 24th.
  • Bar Revenue:  Drink prices . . . how many of you know the last bar price increase came 10 years ago when we moved into this building and was the only bar price increase in the Club’s history where drinks have risen a whopping $.25 in 13 years. The BOD requested the new bar manger and the two previous bar managers review drink prices and comeback to the Board with a recommendation which was to raise bottled and draught beer by 25 or 50 cents, raise wine prices by 50 cents and raise most drink prices by one dollar. The BOD unanimously approved these recommendations. The new price increases go into effect on May 24th.  Please keep in mind there is no place on the cape where you can get a bottle of beer for $2.75, a very full glass of wine for $4.50 and a mixed drink for $5.00.  Drink prices will be posted at the club in the bar and on the bulletin board.

No one likes price increases, but with both bar and food revenue declining, expenses rising, a new mortgage in the immediate future and large capital projects such as replacing the hot water heater, we need to do something, and this is what the BOD decided to do now. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Mortgage Update

Yesterday  morning the club entered into a new mortgage agreement with Citizens Bank. This mortgage will help ensure the financial stability of the club going forward. It consolidates the existing Citizens Bank mortgage which was on the club itself and the Pensco Trust Co. which was for the parking lot next to the club into one mortgage.

From the President:

On July 8th, I will be leaving the office of president of the SOECC. It has been a great honor for me to have served the 1600+ members of the club. I would like to thank Elizabeth Lynch, the outgoing Vice President for all her support she has given me as president. She has made my life so much easier and the club a better place to go. I also want to give a shout out to Rodger Christiansen who is stepping aside as the club treasurer after 4+ years of dedicated service to the club. Through Rodger tireless efforts, the club is prepared for a long and successful financial future. I want to acknowledge the entire BOD for their hard work and dedication to the club. Without them, there would be no SOECC. Lastly, I want to acknowledge and thank 3 club members who put in yeoman work making the club better: 1) Kathy Hegarty who heads the entertainment committee which runs all the special club events; 2) Dianne Duffey who publishes the club newsletter each month informing everyone of the happenings at the club; and 3) Susan Christiansen who is the face of the club to all new members and who is responsible for the renewal process of all current members. I don’t know what the club would do without their hard work.

The Sons of Erin CC is a great club and is a place where members can go, catch up with old friends, make new friends, have scrumptious food, listen to great music, and dance the night away. Besides being a place for members to come and socialize, the Sons is also active in supporting local events and charities such as the Yarmouth Police Department Foundation, the Cape Cod St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Wounded Warrior project, as well as other numerous charitable events. In the function area of the club, members have been able to hold bridal showers, baby showers, fundraisers, graduation parties, birthday parties. For the club to remain successful, it takes a concerted effort by all members to participate in events and happenings at the club. The incoming officers and returning Directors have years of experience with the Sons of Erin CC and were instrumental in bringing the club to where it is today. But they cannot do it alone. The club is in a good position right now but for it to continue to be successful all members, from long time  members to new members,  must work together and become involved. Even though I am leaving office, I will stay involved and work towards keeping the Sons successful.

John Flaherty

Dining Room Hours & Thursday Meals

Dining Room Hours are 5:30 pm to 8 pm, Thursday through Saturday.
Yes, meals are back on Thursday nights through September! 

You are entitled to a free birthday meal the last Thursday of your birthday month. On that same Thursday night, we will have Trivia with DJ Patrick!

Kitchen Help Wanted!

We are in need of waitresses and kitchen staff. Do you have a child at least 16 years old looking for work? Do you have time on Friday and Saturdays to meet other members and serve up the dishes of the day? If you or someone you know is interested, contact Katie Fitzsimmons at the Club for details on these positions.

June 2018 Irish History Classes

On Thursday evenings, throughout the month of June, the Cultural Center of Cape Cod will have two courses on Irish history. The first course, from 6 pm to 7 pm, examines recent history through the work and lives of four singers: Percy French, Christy Moore, Sinead O'Connor, and Van Morrison. The second course, from 7:15 pm to 8:15 pm, examines recent history through the work and lives of four comedians: Brendan Grace, Tommy Tiernan, Hal Roach, and Deirdre o'Kane.

Click here for details of each class.


For more information contact the Cultural Center (http://www.cultural-center.org/).