Tragedy of April 12th

On April 12th 2018, a very sad and tragic incident occurred with the senseless murder of Yarmouth Police Officer Sergeant Sean Gannon by a ruthless career criminal that the YPD will only refer to as 125, which is the number of times he has been charged with crimes.

This horrific crime shook not only the town of Yarmouth, but all of Cape Cod. It also brought people from all walks of life together. One of the best examples of coming together was the Sons of Erin CC. I am so proud of how our members jumped right in to show our respect and support for the family of Sergeant Gannon, the Yarmouth Police Department, and for all law enforcement. In addition to immediately lowering our flag to half-mast, (read more in the May 2018 newsletter).

April 2018 Newsletter

Winter has come but the big question is will it ever leave! Four Nor’easters in three weeks is too much, but fortunately for all of us, the Sons of Erin not only survived, but kept us entertained as well. Thanks to our events committee, chaired by Kathy Hegarty, the events were plentiful and most enjoyable.

Over the past couple of months, birthday night dinners were held on the last Thursday of the month and were enhanced by fun-filled games of trivia hosted by DJ Patrick. These trivia rounds showed just how competitive some of our docile members really are! The Friday and Saturday night entertainment was as great as ever.

The Club never looked better than it did this year. The events committee outdid themselves in getting the Club into the right frame of mind to celebrate the holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and St Patrick’s day.

Speaking of St Patrick’s Day, this year the SOECC could not have looked better, thanks to the team led by Susan Loughlin and Penny Shaughnessy. Our float this year, created by the hard work from Carol Mills, Marty and Barbara Cushing, Gus Healy and Dee Petit; it was awesome. 15 children got to ride on the float while 18 members walked behind it, cheering us on. Our Irish Man of the Year, Bill Hurley, and our Irish Woman of the Year, Kathy Hegarty, rode in style in an antique, totally renovated Packard driven by its owner, and Board Member, Tom Hickey, and they were escorted by our Sergeant of Arms, Buzzy Barry. The kitchen staff, under the guidance of Katie, busted their butts serving over 75 pounds of corned beef. Mike’s bar staff, in a long day of pouring, quenched the thirst of all members and guests. Overall, it was one of the club’s most successful St Patrick’s Parade days.

Trust me, Spring will come and the Sons will be welcoming it in. Please read your emails that come out so you will know all the fun happenings going on at the Club, then mark your calendar and come over to the Sons for a good time.Craic MhaithCairde MaithePresident, John Flaherty

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Pictures courtesy of Cindi Griffin (Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce), Gus Healey, and Peter Santos.
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