April 8, 2018 Membership Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened:  April 8, 2018 10:30 am

Board Members Present:  John Flaherty, Lisa Williams, Elizabeth Lynch, Rodger Christiansen, Tom Hickey, Ed Tierney, Mike Shea

Officer/Manager Reports

Treasurer:   The Treasurer’s Report was distributed including profit and loss statements for March and the first quarter of 2018. A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded and approved.

Membership: Nineteen new applicants were submitted for approval. A motion was made to accept the new members as listed, seconded and approved.   We currently have 1609 members.

Bar and Kitchen:  No bar report. The seasonal menu (3 months) in the kitchen starts this week. Nightly specials will be posted.


  • Trivia will continue on birthday Thursdays through August. 
  • A new member reception will be held in April. New members and sponsors will be invited. A decision was made to open to all members. RSVP will be required.
  • On May 2nd there will be a blood drive from 11 – 5.
  • May 5th is the Cinco de Mayo party, DJ Patrick playing will be playing. 
  • CPR certification classes will be held on May 12th at 11 am and 1pm. Registration is required.  The 11 am session will primarily be for staff and regular volunteers.  
  • Painted ponies event is May 20th from 2 to 5 pm. 
  • The fishing derby is Memorial Day weekend.  
  • In June we are planning a painting night.

Building: May 19th starting at 8 am is clean-up day both inside and outside. We will be moving the hot water heaters upstairs to avoid flooding issues.

Board Announcements:

We have 13 applicants for the bar manager position and hope to fill the position in next couple of weeks.

We have received 176 survey responses to date and will send out another reminder.

The mortgage expires May 18th, Rodger is working to refinance and consolidating the two mortgages.

Reminder that the Sunshine Committee folder is in hallway.

Elections are coming up in July. There will be several open positions.

The May meeting will be on May 20th

Member Requests/Announcements

Question raised about use of e-cigarettes in the building. The Board will put an announcement in newsletter.

The first Wednesday in May is the opening for the Golf League.

Scholarship requirements are on the web site and wall bulletin board. Child or grandchild of a member who are seniors or attending college are eligible.
(Click here for requirements and to download application)


Respectively Submitted, Nancy Apple