I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful summer we are having, of course, with the exception of the tornadoes that hit us. Thank God that no lives were lost! Thank you to all of our public service people and utility workers that came to our rescue and brought the Cape up and running quickly!

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While all of that was going on we had to replace an AC/Heating unit with a new one. This new unit is bigger and more energy-efficient and the ductwork was enlarged to handle more of a flow. Thank you to Sean O'Leary and his team for getting the work done quickly.



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Okay, so the elections for Board of Directors took place after last months meeting, we had only 102 voters. Probably expected, but disappointing. I would like to congratulate Lisa Williams, Ed Tierney, Mike Shea and new director Jay Collett. The race was very close, and Terry Shea fell just a couple of votes short. Thank you all for stepping up to the plate!



The July meeting was very well attended. We had the pleasure of awarding three scholarships to the very deserving young woman, Sarah Clifford, Miriam Patricia May, and Avery Mohan. Great job ladies and thanks to Bill Hurley and his scholarship team.



We had the pleasure to introduce Gus Healy during the meeting. He was there on behalf of the Healy Brothers Fishing Tournament. The tourney raised money for cancer families this year. Gus presented a $1,200 check to Ollie Kelly in honor of his brother Steven who recently passed. This check was made to St. Vincent's Hospital in Dublin. The second $1,200 was to honor the McCann family and was made out to the American Cancer Society. Thank you to the Healy family and all the participants in the tournament.

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I had one neighbor complaint, it was that we make sure that members and guests do not park on the sidewalk either in front of the club or in the large parking lot. We do not want to block anyone, especially if they need handicap access.

A reminder that we are serving dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights!

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We now have new summer lightweight t-shirts on sale at the club.


One last thing is that club member Melissa Bateman has set up classes for juvenile suicide prevention. Please review the attached information. There are still openings for the classes. (see here)


There is a bunch of fun stuff coming up! Please check the calendar on the website or follow us on Facebook!
All the best!

-Mike Regan

Upcoming Events:

8/3 Terry Brennan 7PM

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8/7 Jewelry Class 6PM (Sign up limited to 15 and must be done at the club)

8/8 Dave Hickey 6PM

8/9 Dave Hickey and Sean Brennan 7PM

Dave and Sean

8/10 Caroline and Sean Brennan 7PM


8/12 Book Club 6PM

8/15 Dave Hickey 7PM

8/16 Dave Hickey 7PM

8/17 Dave Hickey 7PM

8/22 Dave Hickey 6PM

8/23 John O'Sullivan 7PM

johnny O

8/24 Mike DeAngelis 7PM

8/29 Birthday Dinner/Pub Quiz Trivia night

8/30 Joe MacDonald and Chris Henshaw 6PM

8/31 Fiddlers Rock 7PM

Fiddlers Rock with Dinahjpg