good morning

We have our monthly membership meeting this coming Sunday (July 14th) at 10:30 AM. Of course, you can come in at 9:30 AM and enjoy a nice Irish Buffet Breakfast! After the meeting, we will be conducting an election for SOECC Board of Directors, which will conclude at 5PM.  There are four positions on the board. This year we have five candidates. Please only vote for four. If you mark off all five as your choices, your vote will be disqualified. I hope to see some strong participation in the election.


A friendly reminder that annual membership dues are due by July 31st. After that date, there will be a late fee of $25 added. So, "get her done"!

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Etiquette Reminders


We so very often ask that members not enter the kitchen when in operation, for any circumstance. Many enter the wrong door 
and this can cause the waitstaff to drop a meal or even hurt themselves! Please do not go in the kitchen, be patient and the
waitstaff will get to you as soon as possible. As a reference, you don't enter kitchens in restaurants you frequent, so do
not do it at the club.


Another trend that has only just started is that orders are being written on placemats and handed to the waitstaff.
Again, please wait and be patient for the waitstaff to take your order. Believe it or not, we do tally the slips at the
end of the night to confirm sales and quantity of different meals that are served.

Be well all! Enjoy what has been a great summer so far!