Sons of Erin Cape Cod Membership Meeting

March 18, 2018

Meeting opened: 10:30 am 
Board Members Present: John Flaherty, Lisa Williams, Elizabeth Lynch, Rodger Christiansen, Tom Hickey, Ed Tierney, Mike Shea

John Flaherty expressed his thanks to the BOD, in particular Elizabeth and Rodger, for their hard work covering in his absence.

Thank you to Ed Tierney and Dennis Leary for clean-up of water in basement. 
Mike Regan has submitted his resignation as bar manager as of end of June. An internal and external search will be conducted. 
Thanks are extended to the volunteers' hard work on the parade float, the events committee for decorating, the volunteers who marched, and the kitchen and bar staff.

The BOD is working to control expenses and create revenue, and developing a strategic plan that will be brought to the membership.

Reminder that the Sunshine Committee folder is in hallway. 
The BOD will be sending out a survey to all members to get feedback on club operation.

Officer/Manager Reports

Treasurer: no report

Membership: Nineteen new members were presented for approval. 
A motion was made to accept the new members as listed, seconded and approved. We currently have 1591 members!

Bar and Kitchen: Thanks for all the help in the kitchen on parade day and St. Patrick’s Day. Thanks to all bartenders for their hard work. We had a better parade day than last year, but less productive St. Patrick’s Day. 
Thanks to Bill and Ed for setting up all membership meetings.

Entertainment/Event: 50/50 raffle in January and February for building fund collected around $1400. Tips on parade day, just under $300, were donated by the wait staff to the building fund. 
* There will be a blood drive on May 2nd from 11 to 5. 
* May 4th is a Cinco de Mayo party with Terry Brennan.

Building: Three days were spent dealing with basement water. We are pricing a new water heater. The remodel in men’s room is done. The ladies’ room remodel being discussed.

Member Requests/Announcements 
Reminder that the scholarship program has kicked off. There is a link on the web site and information in the hallway. Applications due by May 15th.

Summer Golf will tee off the first Wednesday of May. A volunteer is needed to run the Spring golf tournament.

Should we put a limit on how late children can stay? Children should not be sitting in the bar and should be supervised (no running). The Board will put out a communication about supervision of children.

Respectively Submitted, Nancy Apple