Each month we spotlight a Club member. This month, we introduce you to the Kitchen Krew:

There are 15 members of The Sons of Erin who are always on the spot, but never in the spotlight. This article will start out as a spotlight on one of them, but will also focus much-deserved attention on the entire group: The Kitchen Krew.

Lisa Williams has been a member of SOECC since the early days, but became much more active in the club during the last five years. After retiring from her career as an engineer at Verizon, Lisa and her husband moved to the Cape from their home in Newton. Seeking to become more involved, Lisa offered to help roll silverware in the dining room. Little did she know that this was the first step in extraordinary involvement in the life of the food service. Next, when Katie Fitzsimmons, the dining manager, needed a waitress, Lisa stepped in to fill the bill every Saturday night. After that, Katie needed a fry cook on Friday nights, so Lisa again volunteered. Now, she arrives each Friday at 4:00, cuts the fish up, sets up the fryer, preps for dinner, and fries food constantly until the kitchen closes at 8:00. All volunteer. Every Friday. Year-round.

The members of the Kitchen Krew are an amazing resource to every member of the Sons of Erin. They all volunteer – that means without pay, except for tips – every weekend year-round to prepare and serve the delicious dinners available to club members and their guests. They work to keep their customers happy, efficiently serving as many as 180 diners on a busy evening. They see the Sons of Erin as one big family, and so they go above and beyond the call of duty, covering for one another when needed, doing their best to meet individual requests and dietary needs, arriving early to prepare food and ensure the smooth running of the dining room.

Behind the scenes are the three cooks: Katie Fitzsimmons who cooks on Friday and Saturday, Sharon Morgan who has an eleven-year tenure in the kitchen and who cooks on Thursdays, and Lisa who runs the fryer. In addition to her work at the stove, Katie manages all aspects of the service within strict budgetary constraints, and with the tricky inventory system needed for a part-time dining operation.

They are not seeking the spotlight, but here it is:

  • The originals: Kathy Hegarty and Diane McClure who have been wait staff members since the club opened in the old building;
  • The other wait staff: Penny Shaughnessy (also a Board member), Michelle Dolan, Mary Coughlin, Kathryn Murphy;
  • The Sunday breakfast men: Ed Tierney and Bill Hurley (also a Board member);
  • The 3 young men: Jason Zent, Conor Robertson, and David Dickey, who fill in as dishwashers, help cook, or sub for Lisa, despite holding 2 + other jobs each;
  • The indispensable fill-ins: Dee Petit and Elaine Costigan;
  • And the indomitable dishwasher, Charlie Kennedy who was in the Spotlight in last month’s newsletter.

Although they don’t want the spotlight, here are some things that all club members could consider to help these dedicated volunteers fulfill their responsibilities

  • Consider not asking for separate checks, as this complicates their work life considerably;
  • Educate your guests about club expectations and procedures;
  • NEVER go into the kitchen, due to safety and liability concerns;

And most of all, show appreciation by the way you interact with and provide a tip for your wait staff members.