I hope you all are surviving this lovely spring weather! 
No need to worry, we have a lot of fun inside this weekend!  Stop in and enjoy the warmth of the club.

Friday night at 7PM we have the very talented David Hickey performing. 
The man knows a million songs!  Sure to keep you entertained for hours!

Here is a quick listing of our activities for May
5/17  Dave Hickey performs.
Dave Hickey cropped

Saturday night at 7PM we have the band Boston Erin Og performing. 
Stop by and listen to some great Irish rebel music!  Let's give them a warm welcome, as they are travelling all the way from "MarshVegas"!

5/18  Boston Erin Og performs.

Bostons Erin Og 2019 cropped

Don't forget that we have our annual spring cleaning this Saturday starting at 9AM.  We need volunteers to clean outside and inside of the club.  The more hands on deck, lightens the load of work!  We hope to see alot of members!

5/18  We are having our Spring Cleaning starting at 9AM.

Spring cleanup May 2019 crop

On Sunday we have our own Kentucky Derby!  The Plywood Pony races are back and will be from 2PM to 5PM.  Always a load of laughs!

5/19  We have the Plywood Pony Races from 2PM to 5PM.

plywood ponies190515
5/24  Marble Street Trio perform.

marble street 1cropped2

5/25  The Brennan Brothers perform.

Brennan Brothers crop
5/26  Healy Perpetual Fishing tournament take place.

Healy Bros Fishing Poster
5/30  Birthday dinner and Trivia night.

Trivia Quiz Color
5/31  Joe MacDonald and Chris Henshaw perform.