I hope all of you are starting to enjoy the warmer weather!  

I would like to start by thanking the Cape Cod Saint Patrick's Day Parade Committee for presenting us with a fantastic parade.  The parade was the best to date in my opinion and from what I hear.  And, Saint Patrick's Day was alot of fun!

The committee provided the Gannon Family, law enforcement officers from near and far, and the town of Yarmouth a heartfelt tribute! 

So, we can't top that!  

But, we still have alot of good fun happening this April and throughout the upcoming year! We have started accepting early membership renewals as of April 1st. 

Just a reminder that membership fees are due by July 1, 2019.  Sue Christiansen does a great job and we now have Melissa Bateman providing a needed helping hand.

We have decided NOT to do any Easter brunch or dinner this year.  The club will be open.

Here is a list of our scheduled events and dinners!

4/5/19 John O'Sullivan and Ciaran Dalton perform at 7PM.
4/6/19 Terry Brennan performs at 7PM.
4/7/19 Sunday Supper starting at 2PM.  Steak tips, baked potato and caesar salad is the meal of the day.  Music by John Quilter in the bar area!
4/8/19 Book Club's inaugural meeting at 6:30PM. Hosted by Sue Christiansen.  For those that attend bring some good book ideas!
4/9/19 Red Sox Opening Day!  The game goes off at 2PM.  We will be serving hot dogs, burgers and nachos from 1PM to 5PM.
4/12/19 Dave Hickey and Sean Brennan perform at 7PM.
4/13/19 Sean Brennan performs at 7PM.
4/14/19 Monthly Membership Meeting and Irish buffet breakfast. Breakfast at 9:30AM and the meeting at 10:30AM.
4/14/19 Sunday Supper at 2PM.  Meal to be determined. Music by John Quilter at the bar.  This is the last one until fall.
4/17/19 Movie Night featuring the film Vice at 6:30PM.
Vice poster 500px
4/20/19 Ireland the Band returns to the club!  7PM start!

Ireland the Band 2019 500px
4/25/19 Birthday Dinner and Trivia Night.
4/26/19 Joe MacDonald and Chris Henshaw perform at 6PM.
4/27/19 Heyday makes their debut at the club.  7PM start! 

Heyday 500px

Here are a few May dates to mark down. 

On 5/4 we will be having a Day Before Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby Day. 
On 5/8 we will have the blood mobile from Cape Cod Healthcare for a blood drive. 
On 5/19 we will have our Plywood Ponies race!  Stay tuned for more detailed information.

On a last note, from the elected officers of the club a huge thank you to all of our volunteers, staff and members for making parade day and Saint Patrick's day a huge success.  There was one casualty!  I am dissapointed to write.  A very expensive and treasured Boston Red Sox jacket was taken by someone during parade day and the owner is hoping that it reappears at the club!

I wish you all the best and hope to see alot of new and familiar faces at the club!