Febuary 2018 Newsletter

Hello SOE Members:

As we approach winter months on Cape Cod, the SOE Board of Directors will be working on several projects including building improvements, strengthening our membership and most importantly creating a club where we have a strong and growing core of active members.

A recent article suggests a typical club or association will reach statistics where 5% of members run the club and show up for almost every event; another 15% of members regularly participate; another 20% occasionally participate; and the remaining 60% will not participate at all with many clubs having a turnover rate of 15-20% per year.

We realize that people sometimes leave because they lose interest, they have health or financial problems, they move away, or because they are no longer being served by the club and the "services" it offers.

As we all know, being a member of club and participating in its activities has enormous rewards. We get to share our passion of Irish culture with others who have the same passion through music and cultural events. We learn new things all the time and make new and lasting friendships. We get to do good deeds, strengthen our community and build bonds with other communities.

So the question the BOD has to ask is: how do we create a strong club, one that members want to join, renew and participate, one with a strong and growing core of active members, one with people who get involved, which in turn generates more events and bonding friendships, which in turn gets more people to join and increase volunteerism.

The BOD will be asking these questions in the next couple of months to our members with an anonymous survey. We will be emailing this survey to all of our active members and we will also have paper surveys available to fill out at the Club. We hope our members participate because we need your feedback so we can begin to build stronger member relationships while we strive to improve club services.

Hope we see all of our SOE members on Parade Day on Saturday, March 10th so we can proudly celebrate our Irish heritage. We needs lots of help in preparation of this day such as Float Preparation, Marching in the Parade, food service, door monitors, and we would greatly appreciate any time you can provide in making this day a success for the Club. We will have sign-up sheets posted at the Club so please stop by and join in on the fun!

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