November 12, 2017

Sons of Erin Cape Cod Membership Meeting
November 12, 2017

Meeting opened:  10:30 am

Board Members Present:  Elizabeth Lynch, Roger Christiansen, Lisa Williams, Mike Shea, Tom Hickey

Board Members Absent: John Flaherty, Ed Tierney

Officer/Manager Reports

Treasurer:   The provided treasurer’s report was read.  A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded and approved.

Membership:   We currently have 1561 members. There are 10 proposed new members.  A motion was made to accept the new members as listed, seconded and approved. The new member present at the meeting were introduced.   Two hundred and ninety-two members did not renew.

Note: while membership is at its highest level, revenues are down.  The officers are looking for the reason behind this.

Bar and Kitchen:  Thanksgiving Day the club will be open from noon to 4.  Two recent kitchen inspections went very well. The Board of Health inspection resulted in a grade of A.  A building inspection also had positive results.  Thanks were expressed to Ed Tierney and Bob Bagge who help with repairs.


Thanks to all members who helped reach the goal of $3000 for the scholarship fund. This Wednesday, 11/15, is the wills and trust program at 6 pm.

On the night before Thanksgiving, pub food will be served from 5:30 to 8.

There was a good turnout for the first Trivia Night. On Birthday Thursday this month, the last Thursday of the month, trivia with DJ Patrick will continue. 

December 2nd at 12 noon is the Children’s Christmas Party, please sign up and bring a gift with your child’s name on it.  A member present volunteered as Santa Claus.

On December 3rd a trip to Heritage Museum to see the holiday lights is planned. The cost is $15/person if we have 10 people, meet at the club at 5 pm and we will car pool.

December 9th is the Adult Christmas Party starting at 5, this is for adults only.   DJ Patrick will provide the music.  Two guests per member are allowed, the fee for guests is $10. Please bring an unwrapped new toy for Toy for Tots, a donation box will be available between now and Christmas. Also, we are still collecting donations for the food pantry.

The New Year’s Eve party will be dinner by ticket only this year.


At the recommendation of the building committee, we will be renovating the men’s bathroom.

Member Question: "Will there be club gear available before Christmas?"
Yes, we are getting estimates hope to have in early December.


Respectively Submitted, Nancy Apple

October 8, 2017

Sons of Erin Cape Cod Membership Meeting

October 8, 2017

Meeting opened:  10:30 am

Board Members Present:  John Flaherty, Roger Christiansen, Lisa Williams, Mike Shea, Tom Hickey

Board Members Absent: Elizabeth Lynch, Ed Tierney


We will be walking in the Seaside Festival Parade after the meeting, please join us.

The Board is working on a line item budget for 2018 and a 5 year capital budget.

Due to a lack of participation, we will no longer have food at Patriots games.

Thursday night dinner will continue through the month of October, the Board will decide if it will be extended further.

Please do not go into kitchen, the staff are hard at work and it is a safety and insurance violation.  

This coming Saturday, October 14th, is fall clean-up day starting at 9 o’clock.  There will be coffee and donuts available. Please bring tools and cleaning supplies.  Please volunteer a couple hours of your time.

Officer/Manager Reports

Treasurer:   The provided treasurer’s report was read.  A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded and approved.

Membership:  There are currently 1498 members. There are 23 proposed new members and 20 proposed new spouse members.  A motion was made to accept the new members as listed, seconded and approved. New members present at the meeting were introduced.   

Bar and Kitchen:  There is one new bartender.  Reminder to stay out of the kitchen.

Entertainment/Event: Thank you to participants in the 50/50 raffle. So far $1500 has been raised for the scholarship fund, half way to the $3000 goal.  Fifty people attended the first lecture series event. The next lecture is November 5th at 6 pm on wills and trusts.

  • The Halloween party is on October 28th, come in costume or not, the kitchen will be open from 5 to 7, Terry Brennan will be playing.  
  • On Birthday Thursdays, the last Thursday of the month, DJ Patrick is scheduled for October and November as a trial.  You can bring all the guests you want.
  • On the night before Thanksgiving, pub food will be served from 5:30 to 8 and Jonny O’Sullivan and his family will provide the entertainment.


A recent instance of a member needing transportation to doctor’s appointments led to a call for volunteers from club members.  We should consider developing a list of people who can help in similar cases.

ADJOURN:  10:52

September 10, 2017

Sons of Erin Cape Cod
Membership Meeting
September 10, 2017

Meeting opened:  10:30 am

Board Members Present:  John Flaherty, Elizabeth Lynch, Mike Shea, Tom Hickey, Ed Tierney

Board Members Absent: Roger Christiansen, Lisa Williams

Announcement: The Meehans have donated a flag that flew over the Capitol to the club, it will fly in front of the club.

Guest policy update:  Over 99% of members have graciously complied with the new guest policy. We still need volunteers at the doors, speak with Buzzy Barry. There was a grace period until the beginning of September on the two guest limit, that grace period is now over.

Officer/Manager Reports

Membership:  There are seven proposed new members and a number of proposed new spouse memberships.  A motion was made to accept the new members as listed, seconded and approved. New members present at the meeting were introduced.  

There are currently 1443 members.  Around 300 people did not renew and emails have been sent to remind them that their membership has lapsed.

Treasurer: The provided treasurer’s report was read.  A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded and approved.

Bar and Kitchen: Next Sunday is Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day, pub food will be served.  Pub food will also be served during Sunday 1 and 4 pm Patriot’s games.  Thursday night dinner, including prime rib, will be served through Columbus Day. Thank you to the bar and kitchen staff for their hard work over the summer.

Member Question:  Will the two guest policy be in place during the Patriot’s games?
Answer: No

Entertainment:  Thank you to all that attended the comedy show, it was a huge success.  Special thanks to Sue Christiansen for her leadership organizing the event.  The Paddy Murphy Quartet will play on September 17th for the Halfway to Saint Patrick’s Day event. They will start after the Patriots game is over. The lecture series with start on October 4th from 6 to 7 pm with a presentation on genealogy.  The Halloween party is on October 28th, there will be recognition of the best costume.

Facilities:  A clean-up day is scheduled for Saturday, October 14, starting at 9 am. Please volunteer. Contact Ed Tierney with questions.


The Yarmouth Seaside Festival is October 7th and 8th, the club has a booth on Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 6 and we need volunteers.  The parade is Sunday at noon and we are looking for marchers.  Contact Ed Tierney to volunteer for the booth or parade.

Volunteers are still needed on all committees. The list of committee is in the September newsletter.

Saturday, October 28th there is a golf tournament in honor of Kenny McGilvray at the Blue Rock course to benefit the scholarship fund and music.  Applications are at the bar.

All bartenders are TIPS certified, under state law they can only serve 2 drinks to a person unless the other members of the party are in the immediate area. As TIPS certified bartenders they can be held liable, as can the club. This is for everyone’s safety.

Jay Collette, the golf league organizer, thanked Katie Fitzsimmons and the many members who supported the banquet, and Roger Christiansen for organizing pizza and salad on Wednesdays. The league starts the first Wednesday in May and ends the Wednesday after Labor Day.

Reminder that the club has a Sunshine Committee. You can put requests for sympathy or get well cards to be send in the folder in the back corridor

Please remember that members working at the door are volunteers, any complaints should be directed to the Board.   It was also suggested that those working at the door should be welcoming and that it is an opportunity to solicit new members.

Member questions: A request was made to put monthly updates in the newsletter about the fundraising effort for Focus Ireland (see the September newsletter for details).
Answer: Yes, that can be included.

Meeting Adjourned:  11:02 am

Respectfully Submitted: Nancy Apple

August 13, 2017

Sons of Erin Cape Cod

Membership Meeting August 13, 2017

Meeting opened:  10:30 am

Board Members Present:  John Flaherty, Elizabeth Lynch, Roger Christiansen, Mike Shea, Lisa Williams, Tom Hickey

Board Members Absent: Ed Tierney

New Initiative: Quarterly new member open houses will be organized to help new members meet existing members.

Recording Secretary:  Nancy Apple has volunteered to serve as recording secretary for the year.  A motion was made to appoint Nancy as recording secretary, seconded and approved.

Officer/Manager Reports

Treasurer: The attached treasurer’s report was reviewed.  A January through July Profit and Loss Statement was also available.  If anyone has questions regarding the financial report or statement, please contact Roger Christiansen. A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded and approved.

Membership: There are 1326 active members, 368 past members did not renew. On August 2nd the non-current member numbers were pulled from the drum.  Thank you to all the members that helped update the drum.

Bar:  Anyone who has not picked up their new membership card can do so at the bar.  The new locks are very quick so the door should be opened quickly after passing your card in front of the reader.  The Paddy Murphy Quartet has been booked from 4 to 7 pm on September 17th for the ½ Way to Saint Patrick’s Day event. They will start after the Patriots game.

Kitchen: Thanks to kitchen and dining rooms crew for their hard work, please be patient and nice to your server. Pub food will be served at the ½ Way to Saint Patrick’s Day event.

Member Question: Will there be corned beef and cabbage at the ½ Way event. 
Answer: No, just pub food.

Events: There has been very poor attendance at recent events. For example, five people came to Easter brunch; the day after Cinco de Mayo event the people that came left early and the DJ played to an empty house most of the night at significant cost to the club; there were 40 people at Derby Day of which 15 where volunteers; painting night was cancelled because not enough people registered to break even.

Comedy night is Saturday, August 19th starting at 8:30.  Please bring your friends and purchase your tickets now for $25.  Only 15 tickets have been sold, we need 48 people to break even. A lecture series will start in October.  The speakers are not selling services, just providing information. October’s topic will be genealogy, November’s topic will be wills and trusts. Other upcoming events include the Halloween party (costume or come as you are) and the night before Thanksgiving. Thanks to all committee members for their hard work.

Building: no report

Policy Change/Enforcement

A number of members have expressed concern regarding the number of guests attending dinners, and the resulting shortage of seating for members. The current policy is that only 2 guests are allowed per member in July and August.  The Board has decided to extend this policy throughout the year. Volunteers will be posted at both entrances starting August 17th on food service nights to check membership cards and enforce the two guest limit.  Guest will continue to need to sign in. Spouses that are not members count as a guest.  An email will go out on Monday explaining this policy change.

Members must show their cards to get the $2 dinner discount. Please make sure guests are aware that liquor is not allowed outside the building, this infraction jeopardizes our license, members/guest must clear their own tables, and smoking is only allowed outside the back door.

Member Question:  Are children considered guests? 
Answer: Anyone under the age of 21 is not considered a guest under this policy.

Member Question: What about spouses that are in the process of joining?
Answer: Spouses that have gone through the vetting process and are just waiting for approval at the monthly meeting will be considered members for the purpose of this policy.  There will also be a grace period for spouse membership applications in September with waiver of the $75 initiation fee. Spouses do not have to be Irish, they can be associate members without voting rights.  The fee is the same for associate members.

Member Question: How will this impact non-members introduced to the Club after the golf league on Wednesday night? 
Answer:  The policy only applies when food is being served.

Reminder:  Unlimited guests are allowed for the Comedy Night event starting at 8:30. 

Member Statement:  A member expressed concern that the extension of this policy year round will impact revenue in the winter, spring and fall, and s/he does not agree with the change.

Sunshine Committee:  The Sunshine Committee sends get well or sympathy cards in the event of member illness or death. There will be a folder set up on the back wall for members to provide information on member illnesses and deaths.

All Committees

Volunteers are the key to success of a membership organization.  A list of Committees was distributed and all are encourage to volunteer.  The commitment is generally one or two hours a month and it is a great way to meet new people. A sign-up sheet was available.

Other Announcements

A thank you note received from scholarship recipient Daniel Lavelle was read.

The turnout this month was great, please come back again and bring a friend. The food is excellent.

Meeting Adjourned: 11:07

Respectfully Submitted: Nancy Apple