Committee Description Committee Chairs
Greeting Committee Greet members entering the club Buzzy Barry
Membership Interview perspective members into club; organize the famous ‘chip drum’ Sue Christiansen
Entertainment/Events Plan, organize and implement SOECC club events Kathy Hegarty
Building Spring/Fall Cleanups; annual cleaning of kitchen; painting when required Ed Tierney
Newsletter Write articles, interview club members Dianne Duffy
Internet Manage club web site (this website) John Flaherty
Kitchen Committee Assist in preparing foods for special events i.e St Patrick’s Day; manning buffet tables as needed Katie Fitzsimmons
Community Affairs Assist at Community events such as the Seaside Festival; the Irish Cultural Center.
Mike also manages the SOE Facebook Page.
Mike Regan
St Patrick’s Day Parade Committee Work on the Club’s float; march in the St Patrick’s parade. See Ed Tierney
Sunshine Committee Send get well or sympathy cards to members Candice Flaherty
Decorations Committee Decorate the club for holiday events: St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Christmas Sue Loughlin
SOECC Scholarship Committee Read and judge essays by children and grandchildren of members applying for a scholarship from SOECC Carmel Coughlin
Volunteer Committee Volunteers for SOECC functions and community outreach events. All skills needed. Katie Fitzsimmons